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It is that time of year, time to get the Chainsaws out and make sure that they are all still working, making a couple of cuts in hard maple.
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The latest from FarmerTec, the G2500 JonCutter top handle chainsaw. This little gut is light weight and for its size seems to have a bit of power.
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Finally got a nice day to get out and work the Holzfforma chainsaws. Been needing to mill this Ash log into slabs for a long time. So here we go with the 3 big saws, the G388, G444, and G660 milling Ash that has been setting for 4 and a half years (pretty dry and hard now).
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Test cut in mulberry, the H screw needed to be leaned a bit more after the video was done. Good cutting saw for the $$
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This is a Holzfforma case tool review, showing how to use this small but effective tool.
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short testing video for the 25.4cc JonCutter G2500 Chainsaw, get it only for $100 from
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Based on a Zenoah design, there are a lot of these in different colors and brands....same saw. Zenoah / Redmax were solid designs even before Husqvarna, WHY Husqvarna bought them! Needed the X-Torq technology & expertise.
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a PERFECT time to go get some fire wood! Holzfforma's G372xp & G660 Cold & Windy Day For Field Testing Chainsaws!
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